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Putting roots on someone started way back in ancient Africa. This merely means having control of some’s actions or simply cursing them. This was used mostly for revenge against one’s enemy or a person who had hurt you before. If this (roots) was done, it meant that you were a curse, leading to the road of bad luck and misfortune. All this was during the old days.

But as time went on, its usage advanced in solve other issues like family, relationship, finance among other problems. One may ask how putting roots on someone solves problems. Actually, it can, because the powers in the spells and chant make it very possible.


It’s advised to seek the help of an experienced spell caster before thinking about doing this. Putting roots on someone involved a variety of spells depending on where you can from. Voodoo, hoodoo, Wicca, black magic. All these can be used depending on your tension.

For this ritual to take place, a few requirements are needed. Some local herbs, fire, and anything that belongs to the person you want to put roots on (personal items). But for my clients far away, the only photos are needed and the rest will be up to me.


In life, for one to discover that roots have been put on them. The chances are 2/10 because the magic involved is extremely powerful. For example, one will develop feelings he or she had never before whether bad or good depending on what the root was meant for.

Most of the time it somebody else who realizes that this ritual has been done on you. And it’s not like anyone can see this because it takes a special person to see this.

For the case of someone to has put root on you especially if he/ she is seeking to hurt you, you will experience a drastic change in your life. Take for instance

  • All your plans start to shutter, dreams, and hope will be drained to hell by the bad energy in these spells and rituals.
  • Curses and misfortune will fall you very where you and anything you touch.

But on the other side, they’re also good things about putting roots on someone too.

  • In the case of friendship, you start experiencing strong emotions and feelings for someone who has always been just a close friend.
  • For couples that are married, obedience, respect, faithfulness, love, and passion. That was lucking in your relationship develops hence strengthening your bond.


Originally, this ritual was meant for cursing. But fortunately, I have helped many people using it especially to solve their relationship issue and also financial.

  • For Love

It’s a common thing that the people we love tend not to love us back and this hurts a lot. Though to is an issue is putting roots on someone for your feelings to be mutual. Get the love life you dream about today.

  • Attracting one you have feelings for.

For one to be charmed by you, a lot of effort is applied. From spending to impress them to improve your looks which is not easy. And it’s not like very can afford that. The use of this ritual is the best option.

Get the ability to owe any you feel attracted to through this ritual. Have you always been afraid of rejection? Are you always being dumped by your suiters? Therefore, it’s high for you to step up. Put roots on someone you love to ensure that he or she feels attracted to you and bind them to you.

  • Marriage bond strengthening.

When we get married, small things always get the best of us often. This is how fights and augments begin to the extent that we can no longer be resolved.

But the good news is that when you put roots on someone, all the issues that may lead to a divorce or separation can be get eliminated. You will be assured of love bond strengthening in your relationship. It will make your partner only have eyes for you.

  • For relationship Commitment

A lot of people enter into relationships not want to commit. It really hurts especially when you are the only serious one in your love life. Avoid this agony, hit and runs, get someone to love, and commit to you by putting root on them. It never too late to get the love you been dreaming about.

Most of the time people hurt even more than once and get away with it. Don’t you think it’s high time you did something about it? Well, know what to do.

In conclusion, putting roots on someone can be catastrophic if your intention is not clear and real. Before thinking about doing it. Do some consultation.