What you didn’t know about love spells

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Learn how to cast love spells for free.

love spells.

Throughout the course of history, a lot of things and practices have been done to make our love life a little less complicated.

The African juju, voodoo, Wicca in Europe, and hoodoo have been used channel powers in the universe to favor a few individuals in their love and relationship endeavors It has always been difficult to win a heart of a woman.

Especially if one wasn’t more dominant than the rest. You had to be someone who is easily recognized in society (wealthy, influential, or powerful).

Likewise, for women, attracting a man wasn’t easy because you needed to be very beautiful and irresistible or sometimes with talented (singing or dancing).

That why those who knew the art of magic used it for love, attraction, and seduction. And it shouldn’t surprise you that until today these spells, charms, and rituals are still being practiced because they have passed through generation.

what are love spells?

So how exactly do you define spells? Well, these are uttered words, incantations done in a sacred place. It can be under the moon, forest, mountain, or a building/room that you find closer to your ancestors, spirits, or that guide you. They are a collection of powerful magic words or songs that can change one’s fate for life.

You can also check out another definition of spells in Wikipedia, which is a magical formula intended to trigger a magical effect on a person or objects. Depending on where you come from, these spells can be spoken, chanted, sung or hummed.

Most of us imagine casting spells being like what we see in movies, but it not. It’s actually done quietly and peacefully since steady harmony and energy vibrations is required.

how to cast love spells?

Many make a research about this but rarely succeed in it, how many times have you made a wish, like blowing candles probably on your birthday, tossed a coin into a fountain for good luck. Or maybe said some words with an intension of something to happen. If so, then you have already cast a spell. These practices are not new because when throughout the tradition, these things have been happening, (Africa, Britain, and America).

For generations, people across the world have been using magic(spells) to solve many problems most especially healing some sickness. These spells did a lot in other ways like in solving people’s relationship issues even up to date. Through casting spells to attract love, bring back lost love, commitment in relationships and also marriage spells among other

In order to cast love spells, you the right intension, an object like a crystal or even to channel cosmic energy of the universe. Not to forget Some herbs also needed. though sometimes there are rare to find and the commonly used are cinnamon, black paper, and cayenne paper.

Whoever casting spells for love is a little tricky and the kind magic used is also a major factor. Depending on the one casting hoodoo, voodoo, white magic, black magic can be used and these require help from a professional.

But for those who want to give it a try. Bellow some spells/ chant for you.

Using candle magic to attract someone to your love;

These love spells are literally simple to cast, all you need is pink or red candles, cut his/her name, and the astrological sign of the person you like on the candle. Spill some rose oil on side of the candle followed by gardenia, Jasmin, ginger, (kayayana).

Then use say these words. “powers of the earth, listen to my cry, for my need of a soulmate, make (someone name) make him/her feel the same way I do” x3

Others include; dream spell, honey jar spell, magic bath

what you have to consider before casting love spells

before you think about casting any sort of love charms. It is important to know that your intension must be clear. Because you’re literally going to temper with the energy of the universe to change the course of events of fate.

Ask yourself whether you do love him or her? Do you want a relationship that is full of love passion, and adventure? Do you want a love life which is your terms? What is exactly your aim for casting these spells?

Try to consider what you going to do before doing it. Think about the consequences both physical and spiritual. Would you be ok with someone doing to you what you want to do to them? Well if you’re not ok with it then do continue with the love spells.

If you do. You might not like it. Because considering you’re your unsettled mind, the results could be devastating and worse if black magic is used.

how do love spells work?

this is one of the most complicated spells to cast but doable. Changing someone’s feelings and making them get attracted to you can really happen. Considering that you have used the right spell, herbs, and most importantly help from an authentic spell caster. But you also put one thing in mind, for the spell to be 100% successful. You and your target must have something in common like mutual friendship.

Therefore, if you have a crush on him or her, this mutual feeling that has for each other with the use of spells/ charms. It will help accelerate the feelings that have and turn it into something intimate. Love magic or spells is about making someone bring that love that was hidden deep.

Keep in mind that the spell might not work. Most of the time are due to miss information or the witch performing the love ritual is a fraud. This can lead to the frustration of someone who needs this spell.

but in case you want 100% results. Make sure that your intension is very clear, be open-hearted and get help from a real authentic specialist at spell casting

Can love spells backfire?

Of course, they can! This mostly happens if your heart and mind are not in the right place. Sometimes it also happens if the wrong information is given depending on what caster has asked. Therefore, it calls for honesty for this ritual to work.

But for this spell to backfire, it could be a sign from your guardian, spirits, or ancestors wanting a different path for you. If you’re in good terms with them, they always drive you to a good and fortunate way. Therefore, if the spell doesn’t work it could be for the best.

And we often see some signs when going to cast this spell. Take for instance a candle refusing to light, a negative feeling telling you not to do it, blowing wind, among other signs.

In some instances, the one casting the spell might have a bad aura or cloud that why you required to get a spell caster.

Lastly, casting spells require positivity. Therefore, you need to believe that the ritual or spell will work others any kind of doubt might lead to its backfire.

If you need help in solving any relationship issue like bringing back lost love. Making someone committed in the relationships, attraction someone. Making him /her love you for good, stopping, or allowing a divorce. Cast love spells

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